EP Review: Jacque Ryal – Songs For Driving

On her debut EP, Jacque Ryal showcases the captivating nature of her songwriting and production on three varied and exciting indie pop tracks

With the release of her debut EP Songs For Driving, New York-based indie-pop songwriter, artist and producer Jacque Ryal¬†has immediately showcased herself as an artist with a fresh and exciting feeling sound, with influences and styles that range from classic synth-pop to contemporary alternative pop, all with the artist’s distinctive songwriting flair.

The first track from the EP is ‘Accelerate’, a moody and effortlessly cool track that it buoyed by its slick beats and the artist’s ice cold demeanour within her vocal performance. The lush harmonies that adorn the chorus provide a kind of levity, but it is the razor sharp coolness of this track’s instrumental and sound that makes it feel so irresistible and fun, creating an enticing and sultry feel that lingers with you throughout your listen.

Things take a more whimsical turn into vibrant synth-pop territory on ‘Unbuckle’, with the artist showcasing a more upbeat and carefree side to her sound on a track that feels like it could be a more creative Madonna deep cut at times. The thing that sticks out on these tracks is the sheer command and control that Jacque has over her sound on these self-produced tracks, with her vocals complimenting the dancy instrumentals and beats perfectly.

The sonic quirks and experimental nature of the artist are on full display on third track and closer ‘Take to the Sky’, a track that sees her reinvent her sound with a more beat-heavy approach and vocal effects to create a full on electronic array of sounds and colours. There is a rousing feel to this track and its chorus, and despite its electronic leanings, the songwriting and power of the sound provide it with a real human edge that feels alluring and captivating.

This three track EP feels like a showcase of Jacque Ryal as a solo artist and what she is capable of, both as a songwriter and a producer. The track’s all have roots in synth-pop and electronic music but all have a vastly distinctive flavour and charm, while still being rooted together by the DNA of the artist that courses through them. This is a really encouraging debut release from the artist, and one that will have us poised to see what else she has in store in the near future.