EP Review: Maddison Goode – On a Windowsill

The new four track EP does a great job of showcasing the emerging singer-songwriter’s thoughtful writing and captivating allure

Having emerged back in September with her lush debut single ‘When You Found Me’, UK singer-songwriter Maddison Goode has immediately established herself as a potential breakout star with her thoughtful, earnest songwriting and captivating melodies, as evidenced throughout her excellent debut EP From a Windowsill, a collection of tracks that provide the perfect introduction to the artist and her sound.

The aforementioned ‘When You Found Me’ opens the EP and provides a really immersive glimpse into the gravity and allure of the artist’s sound. The track explores a need for company, whether in a relationship or platonically, communicating feelings of co-dependency and longing with an authenticity that feels raw and honest, something that is a real feature of the artist’s sound throughout.

The track is followed by ‘Kry’, the artist’s second single, and one that sees her diving headfirst into love song territory. The artist’s nuanced and composed sound lends itself to such a narrative with ease, building gracefully alongside proclamations of how much you care about someone and how difficult you would find it without them. The artist showcases a bit more of her vocal range as the track explores and progresses, as her sonic world continues to unfold on a track that feels endlessly captivating and warm.

Things take a more conflicted and complex turn on ‘Father’, a track that sees Maddison trying to come to terms with moving away from home and the changes and new connections that come with such an experience. The artist’s vocals are a huge highlight throughout this EP, but on this track in particular you can really feel the soul and the emotion that is etched into every word, while never faltering or compromising her effortlessly poised tone. The track has a real feeling of serenity to its soundscape in spite of its more challenging subject, and the laid-back nature of the sound truly allows her words and vocal performance to resonate as deeply as they do.

The EP signs off with ‘All It Takes’, a more upbeat and vibrant track that matches the city that it was written about in that regard. Anyone that has been to London will know of how stressful and overwhelming it can be while doubling as a haven for opportunity and potential, and the track articulates this in rousing fashion. The vocals soar over this track whereas they’ve felt more subdued on the others, and while lyrics like the choruses “All it takes from me, all it gives to me’” hint at a conflict at how the artist feels about the capital, there is an overall tone of perseverance and optimism that surrounds the track.

The EP as a whole serves as a great showcase of some of the different facets and nuances to Maddison Goode and her sound, while all tied together by her immersive vocals and the signature feel of her sound. The powerful nature of her sound and the thoughtful, intimate feel of her songwriting bodes incredibly well for the future of the artist, and we can’t wait to see where else she takes her sound as she continues to grow as an artist.