Album Review: Sara Beth Yurow – Mischievous

Sarah Beth Yurow showcases her authentic and creative pop punk appeal on her debut EP Mischievous

In a time where music and life in general seems to be growing increasingly manufactured and “fake”, there are some artists who are looking to push back and rebel against this trend, striving for an authenticity and rawness in their work to make it stand out and feel real, resonating with listeners on a deeper level. One of these artists is Sara Beth Yurow, a pop punk artist from Hawai’i who’s debut EP Mischievous¬†encapsulates her honest appeal.

The first track on the EP is ‘Twenty One Night Stands’, the lead single from the EP and one that explores a relationship being built with somebody with a troubled past, looking to set things aside for a fresh start. The artist’s more alternative-edged sound is balanced out here through synths and backbeats, making for a unique feel on the sound that immediately showcases the artist’s diversity and creativity.

‘Spin’ follows and immediately kicks things into more intense and heavy territory, with a pulsating bass-line and the artist’s commanding vocals evoking the spirit of pop punk frontrunners of the 2000s, melding nostalgic appeal with a more modern and exciting edge. The boldness of the sound brings the EP to life like a sugar rush, exploring the excitement of new love both within its narrative and the soundscape.

The artist takes a heartfelt look at loneliness and independence on ‘Don’t Wanna Be Strong’, a fierce and powerful track that explores the conflict between wanting to be headstrong and fierce while also wanting to surrender all that to be with someone and truly let your guard down. The track is possibly the most vulnerable and honest moment from the artist to date, with the scuzzy guitars providing it with an emphatic edge to juxtapose the earnest lyrics.

Another vulnerable moment comes in the form of ‘What About’, an affecting feminist ballad that employs lush pianos to articulate the struggles that the artist has often had with her perception from others. The artist details about how hard she has worked and everything that she’s been through, and how it often gets discredited because of the way that she looks or comes across. The track provides the EP with a really thoughtful moment that sticks with you long after your listen, reminding us that there is much more than meets the eye with Sara and anybody else.

The EP closes out with ‘Cuz I’m In Love’, another track that preceded the release and showcases a stripped-back and intimate side to the artist. The ukulele instrumental and the heartfelt nature of the vocals here makes for a setting that feels really real and emotional, circling back to the theme of new love and how exciting and real it can feel. The track does a great job of humanising the artist amid a lot of tracks that are packed full of raucous flair and drive, feeling relatable and resonating in the process.

On the whole, Mischievous is an EP that feels as much about a young artist finding her place in the world as much as anything else. The tracks surround themes like love, identity, and fierceness, and what really shines through is how three dimensional and authentic Sara Beth Yurow comes across over the release, fleshing out her narrative world in rousing and thoughtful style.