EP Review: Stephanie Rodd – Recovered

Stephanie Rodd celebrates resilience and inner strength on her stunning new EP Recovered

With the release of her powerful new EP Recovered, emerging French singer-songwriter and actor Stephanie Rodd explores the resilience and personal growth that we go through in the face of hardship and struggle, affirming her belief that we can overcome anything and be stronger on the other side, celebrating the inner strength that lies within us all.

Following a funk-laden and engrossing intro that perfectly sets the tone for the EP, we delve into ‘Worth It’, a track that celebrates finding yourself and feeling secure and happy in your own skin. There is an effortlessly smooth tone to the artist’s sound on the track that feels light and breezy, immediately reaffirming this message of inner strength and peace that the album embodies through her empowering words and blissed out soundscape.

The warmth of ‘Stronger Than Ever’ follows, featuring a more sultry, R&B-influenced instrumental that pairs really nicely with Stephanie’s enchanting vocals. The track sees the artist in a reflective mood, looking back on some of her struggles and the personal that she used to be and expressing a determination to never be that person again and maintain the strength that she has now. This theme of uplifting optimism and drive continues to characterise the album and make for rousing and inspiring listening.

The jazzy and creative tones of ‘Wake Up In This City’ follow and provide the album with a touch of experimentation thanks to its expressive piano and more free-flowing style. The track sees the artist in awe of her surroundings and feeling alive and invigorated by them, experiencing the kind of love that feels pure and real, that stops you in your tracks and makes you want to remember everything that you feel in that moment.

The French single ‘Insomnie’ follows, a track that again showcases the flowing nature of the artist’s sound and the captivating allure of her hybrid sound and its sheer smoothness, showcasing that her appeal transcends language or similar boundaries and holds up purely from a musical standpoint too.

‘Magical Notes’ closes out the EP and sees the artist delving into both languages as she lauds the all-encompassing power of music and the transformative effect that it can have on people and the way that they perceive the world. It’s stripped-back sound and the way that she effortlessly canvasses through languages makes for a really authentic and personal feeling style that truly highlights the distinctive charm of the artist throughout, shining a light on all of the things that make her feel so special.

Throughout this EP, the artist seems to be drawing attention to all of the things that inspire her and have helped her along her journey of self-discovery and growth. Recovered is the story of someone who’s hardships are behind them and they are simply trying to enjoy the moments that they find themselves in now and celebrate them, and this makes for truly rousing and inspiring listening for anybody who is currently in the midst of their darker times looking for proof that things truly do get better and there is a light on the other side. The EP is a wonderful testament to the artist’s jazzy, soulful sound, and a rousing showcase of the enduring, bilingual deftness that Stephanie Rodd possesses.