Unwrapped: Bryony Dunn – Spring In The City

We had a chat with exciting UK indie pop artist Bryony Dunn about her empowering new single ‘Spring In The City’

UK indie pop songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Bryony Dunn has spent the last few years establishing herself as a reliable source of fun and intimate indie pop bops with devastating effect, with a host of releases that have seen the artist gradually rise in prominence and acclaim.

The latest addition to her stellar collection of tracks is glorious self-love anthem ‘Spring In The City’, a track that hones in its focus on empowering, uplifting vibes as it takes you on a story of reinvention, self-confidence and all-encompassing love. Everything here from the warm embrace of the instrumental to the endearing lyrics encapsulates exactly what makes Bryony such a special artist, with the emotion and heart of her sound leaving a lasting impression, as it so often does. We love this new release from the artist, and had a chat with Bryony to find out some more about the track and her upcoming new EP of the same name.

Hey! We love your new single ‘Spring In The City’, what more can you tell us about it?

Thanks so much!! I wrote this last spring, on a sunny day sat in the window seat in my old room. I was trying to start afresh, start anew, inspired by the soft baby leaves on the tree outside my window. I was also trying to persuade myself that I would settle in to living in the city. I’m not sure that I have, but writing this song definitely helped this experience.

Also fun fact, in the second verse I say ‘Take you to Italy without leaving my bedroom walls’ this is referring to a date I had with my partner Harley, to allow us to have a private dining experience in the shared house I lived in, I made an Italian restaurant in my bedroom. The menu was – peach bellini’s, Homemade tomato arancini with a gooey vegan cheese centre, Spaghetti puttanesca and then vegan affogato. 10/10 would do it again.

What was the process like putting it together?

I wrote it in my bedroom, recorded a quick demo and sent it over to my good friend and long-time collaborator Tom Read. He had recently moved to LA and working remotely was new to us. We sent it back and forward, I recorded different vocals bits at home and then it was complete! Hopefully sometime in the near future I’ll be able to go out to LA and work with Tom in person again! (and live out my daisy jones fantasy)

What were your biggest influences when creating the track?

Definitely Haim, I was really drawing from their summery sound, dreaming of that. Then the ever-present influences that are Maggie Rogers, The 1975 and Taylor Swift.

Over the last few years you’ve developed a reputation for the emotion and intimacy of your vocals and lyrics, where do you think that comes from?

Practice haha. I come from a youth of amateur musical theatre and I have always listened to vocals and voices in musical performances and recordings. How they say what they say. The vocals that engage me the most are the ones dripping with feeling (Billie Marten, Danielle Haim, Matty Healy etc) so I try and play with that, particularly in recording. I like vocal takes that are rough around the edges.

‘Spring In The City’ is the title track of your upcoming third EP, what should we expect from it?

It’s a musical trip to the riverside then back to the city on a train. It’s the story of last spring, moving to the city, navigating heartbreak, fresh buds of love and everything that comes with that. Expect layers of harmonies, calm acoustic intimacy, explosive electronic soundscapes.

What else do you have planned for the near future?

I am releasing a postcard design for each single of the EP two of which are available now, they are beautiful designs by Willow Senior based on the forests where we grew up and you can buy them from my website!

Also Super excited that I have a few gigs coming up

28th June – Full Band – Strongroom, Shoreditch

16th July (Day) – Albury Festival, Albury, Surrey

16th July (Evening) – Westival, Aldershot

August – London Headline

Keep an eye out on my socials and mailing list to get the updates!

I also am currently busy working on more music. So, lots in the works!