‘Heaven Sent’ is an anthemic rallying cry from UK post-punk act Saloon Dion

The track is from the rising band's debut EP Muckers.

The track is from the rising band’s debut EP Muckers.

On their latest single ‘Heaven Sent’, Bristol’s Saloon Dion continue to showcase their increasingly confident and creative post-punk sound and acerbic, chaotic appeal.

The new release features more of the groove-laden brashness that we have come to expect from the outfit, doing a stellar job of creating a feeling of unrest and chaos to match its poignant and pissed off political narrative. The vocals here feel laced in bile and filled with overwhelming discontent, whereas the instrumentation feels as crushing and all-encompassing as ever, as the band’s sweaty and emphatic sound soars to new heights on the track. There is an anthemic and singalong feel to ‘Heaven Sent’, and for a track about the world seemingly falling apart and everything being harder than ever with the odds stacked against us, this feels like a rallying cry of togetherness and solidarity.