‘Nothing Going On’ is the latest creative and engaging new release from Canadian artist Keeper E.

The track is the artist's first release since her 2022 sophomore album Thank U and Please and Don't Go

The track is the artist’s first release since her 2022 sophomore album Thank U and Please and Don’t Go

Canadian pop artist and producer Keeper E. has established herself as a truly creative and exciting artist since her emergence back in 2020, amassing quite the collection of art-pop gems and thoughtful releases in that time.

The latest track to showcase her engaging talent is new single ‘Nothing Going On’, a track that features one of her similarly colourful soundscapes and a real sense of adventure and charm. The track sees a driving beat meet kaleidoscopic walls of synths to create a sound that feels entirely her own, creating a fun contrast to a track that is written about things being boring and monotonous. The thoughtful nature of the lyrics and fun, shimmering soundscape makes for a multi-faceted and engaging release that continues to highlight what a special talent Keeper E. is, and the staying power of her creativity and guile.

“Sometimes life can be really really boring, and feel so monotonous, and it’s hard to focus on anything else but whatever I’m looking forward to,” explains Keeper E. “It’s always easy to get myself into some sort of trouble in these boring periods of my life. I start really overthinking things, and turning small problems into big problems because there’s literally nothing else going on. But even with all the waiting and boredom of life, sometimes it’s nice to have nothing going on. It’s nice to have a monotonous routine that you can rely on. Sometimes the wait for things makes them even better when they happen. When nothing’s going on, we have time to think about things more deeply, and time to relax and do nothing at all.”