‘Weirdo’ is a playful and emphatic new release from Tom A. Smith

The track follows the release of the lauded 'Little Bits' earlier this year.

The track follows the release of the lauded ‘Little Bits’ earlier this year.

Whether crafting emphatic indie rock anthems or more stripped-back ballads, Tom A. Smith is an artist that has that intangible, captivating quality that makes everything that he puts his sound and voice to feel instantly inescapably memorable and charming, with his charismatic drive and personality making for tonnes of releases that feel distinctive and engaging in their own ways.

The latest of these is the artist’s new single ‘Weirdo’, a track that showcases the more upbeat and fast paced nature of the artist’s sound, driving through a playful narrative of self-acceptance and love in a way that feels colossal in its approach and emphatic power. The track is a fun piece of hard-edged indie rock that feels like it was designed to get audiences moving and put a grin on people’s faces, and alongside some of the more serious and poignant pieces of work that he has released, it continues to showcase an artist with a wonderful sense of scope and range in his sound.