‘Bad Reputation’ is a sultry and enticingly dark new release from ASPyN

The track follows the release of the artist's stellar single 'More Than Friends'.

The track follows the release of the artist’s stellar single ‘More Than Friends’.

At just 19-years-old, ASPyN has already crafted an incredibly mature sound that can be packed full of atmospheric dark-pop appeal and a sinister, coldly sultry edge that makes for captivating and compelling listening.

A perfect example of this is her calculating new single ‘Bad Reputation’, a track that is stacked full of creative sonic quirks and the artist’s slow-burning, endlessly unique, dark sound and appeal. Themes like manipulation are prevalent on the track, with the narrative surrounding the artist using her wits and charm to make people do what she wants, even to the extent of robbing a bank for her. This track is unique, it is fiercely exciting and fresh, and it continues to showcase ASPyN as a rising star with a tendency to craft something unexpected and exciting.