Unwrapped: Camila Knight – no need to say goodbye

We caught up with emerging artist Camila Knight to find out some more about her emboldening new single ‘no need to say goodbye’

Thanks to her uplifting and often vulnerable style of songwriting, singer-songwriter, recording artist, composer and streamer Camila Knight has captured the hearts and minds of listeners that find solace in her empowering, emboldening work. The artist’s 2022 EP, aptly titled Uplifted, provided us with the most compelling evidence of that to date, stacked full of immersive and memorable tracks that have seen the artist ascend to new heights as a lauded, emerging talent.

The artist has now followed up that release with ‘no need to say goodbye’, a track about heartbreak that takes a stance of defiance and rebirth rather than a sombre one, with the artist once again showcasing her more anthemic and powerful qualities. The track serves as a beacon of strength to anybody going through a similar situation, and showcases the artist’s trademark defiance and grit, holding out hope for better times ahead rather than dwelling on the past. We love the new release and the power and positive energy that radiates from the artist, so we had a chat with Camila to find out some more about it and how it came together.

Hey! We love your new single ‘no need to say goodbye’, what more can you tell us about it?

Hey CLOUT! It’s lovely to be chatting with you! Happy you enjoy “no need to say goodbye”. It’s my first single off a new EP. It’s a song about a heartbreak, but also a belief that better times are ahead. It talks about overcoming troubles in a relationship and elsewhere in life, feeling vulnerable and not giving up. I wrote this song with the thought that nothing is lost if you’re ready to withstand the storm and fight for what’s important to you. Many times we give up too easily on people and things that actually matter to us. Sometimes we make decisions too hastily instead of taking a step back to reassess and understand what’s good for us. Also, with this song I wanted to say that it’s okay to feel vulnerable to work through our emotions and to express our feelings instead of bottling it up. As a whole, “nntsg” was written to spread positivity and to light up a gleam of hope that after all, we’ll get through hard times. It’s probably one of the most honest songs I’ve released so far.

What was the process like putting it together?

It was very enjoyable! I wrote this song in mid-August 2022 building it up on an initial idea that I had for a chorus melody. I composed it on an old keyboard in my cosy basement studio. The whole song started with the phrase “I’m waiting for something that would save the two of us”. I had a clear idea of how the chorus should sound and in the next few days I wrote the melody for the verses and the rest of the lyrics. After some alone time and roughly two songwriting sessions the song was ready. As soon as I finished it, I played it acoustically on Twitch and then started rehearsing it with my band. Recorded a demo in my home studio and then at the beginning of October 2022 we went into the recording studio to record drums (Jorge Gándara). Afterwards, I worked on the production and mixing/master remotely across the continents. The song was produced by the wonderful Isaiah Jose and was mixed/mastered by the amazing Mike Dwyer.

There is a really empowering and uplifting quality to your writing, what kind of effect do you want tracks like this to have on listeners?

Oh thank you for saying that. That’s the feeling I want my songs to evoke. To me, music is one of the most powerful forces on the planet. If there’s magic in this world I feel that it can be contained within a song. I would like the listeners to feel enchanted, to make them stop in their ways for a moment and listen. Music can have a healing effect. I would like my music to be their best therapy. Hopefully my songs can get their head away from everyday troubles to make them feel inspired, motivated and empowered. Life can be a roller coaster that takes us on a daily rough ride. I would like my songs to be there when someone needs them, keeping people company during this journey, in all its ups and downs.

The track is from your upcoming sophomore EP, what should we expect from it?

It’ll be irresistible! 🙂 But seriously, the upcoming singles that will be part of my next EP are some of the best songs I’ve ever written. And there’ll be a few big surprises. Also, I have the second single ready for upload, it’s coming out soon! My next EP will definitely have the mixture of the organic sound, live instruments, acoustic arrangements contrasted with electronic textures and beats. I’ll be working with some wonderful musicians on this record and it’s going to be a real musical feast. I love mixing genres and on this record there’ll be a blend of modern pop, soul, art pop and soft rock.

What else do you have planned for the near future?

I have lots of plans and visions for the months to come. I’ll be dropping a new single soon! At the same time I’m working on the production of the new songs and doing lots of songwriting. I’m planning to have a notebook full of new tunes by the end of this year. Also, some exciting changes are on the horizon which may have a big impact on my musical plans but I can’t say anything as for now. My vision is to be constantly writing and releasing relatable, uplifting music. I plan to record more music videos, create lots of new content, build relationships, do more networking and play shows including livestreams. It’d be great to play at music festivals and have a tour booked later on! Excited for the years to come! Stay tuned 🙂