Unwrapped: chloe moriondo – Favorite Band

We had a chat with the unstoppable chloe moriondo about their new video for ‘Favorite Band’ and future plans

Having grown into a certified star in their own right, chloe moriondo has enlisted a few more to feature in their excellent new music video for ‘Favorite Band’. The track, pulled from their second studio album Blood Bunny, is the latest in a long line of effortlessly engaging releases from an artist who has somehow only just turned 19.

‘Favorite Band’ and its video showcase a more light-hearted side to chloe, as they complain about being completely turned off by someone on account of their music taste. There are some fun cameos in the video as the artist references bands like Simple Plan, All Time Low and Pierce The Veil, but a lot of the charm of the video lies in its more grounded and heartfelt qualities, as we see chloe interacting with various animals and lounging around.

chloe moriondo continues to find ways to expand upon their sound and uncover different facets of their personality and writing. We had a great chat with the artist and found out some more about ‘Favourite Band’ and what else could potentially be on the horizon for the artist.

We love ”Favourite Band, what more could you tell us about it?

Favorite Band was a really fun cowrite with Charli Adams who saved this fun chorus start specifically for me, which I thought was so sweet and has never happened to me before with a writer!!!!!!?? I wanted to make a song about the frustration of being in a relationship with someone whose music taste is so different than yours that you find yourself not really liking them that much. That’s what the song is about 😛

What was the process like putting the track together?

I recorded it all in my bedroom, like a lot of the album!! I was really excited to do all of the oooo’s and dadada’s in different places in my room once I’d thought of the outro idea. The bridge took a second for us to fully nail down because Charli and I had a very specific vision for it but it came together pretty perfectly I think!! :’)

What was the thought process behind the music video and the cameos that feature in it?

The music video was directed by a now close friend of mine, Syd Ostrander, and having her work on music videos immediately just makes it feel like a party. We were in LA when we filmed it and just got to go a buncha fun places and do fun things to my own song. It was so fun to film on the handheld skate cam, and absolutely mindblowing how I got to meet/feature so many idols of mine in my own music video.

Your writing is always very candid and seems to be something that people seem to easily latch onto and apply to themselves, is that something that you think about when putting tracks together?

To be frank, not really until recently!!! Writing in my own voice and making my lyrics as honest as they can have always been things that came naturally to me. Now that I cowrite it makes it a lot more of a reflective experience on what I want myself to sound like and what I want to sing and say in my songs. It feels really cool to be able to learn more about myself and my own writing through this whole “my dream job is now my actual job” thing.

What else do you have planned for the near future?

I have an EP coming out soon!!! I’m so excited about it!! I’m also working on another project after that which takes a pretty interesting turn from all of my current stuff. Experimenting with more industrial pop inspired sounds has been really fun for me and I’m excited for people to hear the results of that.