‘Glow’d Up’ is the infectious new release from emerging artist Gwyn Love

The track continues to cement her place as one of electro pop's most exciting new talents

The track continues to cement her place as one of electro pop’s most exciting new talents

‘Glow’d Up’ is an irresistible new release from Gwyn Love, a thoroughly memorable and fully-formed track and sound from an artist that made her debut just 12 months ago.

Effortlessly catchy and littered with fun little sonic moments and nuances, the track has everything required to make it an electro pop smash. Melding relatable lyrics, a huge sense of fun and Gwyn’s infectious energy and personality, ‘Glow’d Up’ is as engaging and infectious as anything that you’re likely to hear anytime soon. There are hopefully exciting times ahead for the Oklahoma artist.

On the new track, Gwyn Love shares,”I was in the recording studio in Vancouver when this song came to me. My ex had hit me up while I was in the studio recording with Louise Burns. Louise loves to do this thing where she sings random phrases while she’s talking and I had caught onto that after spending a week with her. I playfully sang “all my ex’s keep hitting me up, yeah they’re hitting me up”. She was like “is that a song or did you just make it up?” I told her I had just made it up and she told me it should be a song. I went to Toronto the next week and finished this super cheeky song that had me dying laughing as I was writing it.