‘Prom Dress’ is the debut single from exciting singer-songwriter Bren

The artist immediately establishes her heartfelt, candid sound

The artist immediately establishes her heartfelt, candid sound

Punk-influenced indie singer songwriter Bren has laid down a really strong foundation for her sound with debut release ‘Prom Dress’. The track is rousing and heartfelt, as the artist explores the memories that we create with people and the lasting impression that they leave, even if that person wasn’t necessarily the right fit themselves.

A key feature of the artist is her soaring, empowering vocals that really embolden the track. Bren’s voice shines as she reflects on these moments, crafting a personable track that builds an instant familiarity and connects with the brand new artist, almost as if you have been intertwined within her sound and stories for years. There is a really cathartic feel to the track and it is hard working not finding yourself wrapped up in her cinematic narrative, ‘Prom Dress’ is a memorable, stellar debut.

About the inspiration for the song, Bren says Prom Dress was a song written in one sitting. I had just moved to my new home and was freshly in love with someone who would be leaving for school in a week. I was feeling kinda stuck… sitting on my bedroom floor trying to write some sad stuff about some shitty ex and nothing was coming to me… I remembered I had a couple lines of lyrics written in my notes app. I read ‘you make me wanna go swimming in my prom dress’ written in that entry and then everything clicked.

“I was finally getting a coming of age movie moment with someone, so I was thinking about all the things I would do in my own personal A24 movie; the parties, the running away, sneaking out, not wanting to grow up, looking out the car window, all of that. I thought I might not get to have those movie moments with someone and then, I did.”