Unwrapped: DYLYN – Hurt

Exciting alt-rock star DYLYN had a chat with us to unpack her intensely captivating new single ‘Hurt’

DYLYN and her emphatic cocktail of acerbic alternative rock and and melodic pop have been winning over the hearts and minds of audiences over the last few years and us at CLOUT are no exception. With each release, the artist seems to reveal more facets to her searing, distinctive style, establishing herself as a cutting edge creative force with a larger than life sound and personality that should be kept under close tabs.

On her latest release ‘Hurt’, the artist is unafraid to delve into some murky and uncomfortable places. With the probing “who hurt you, babe?”, the track touches on subjects such as depression, past trauma and social anxiety, digging up old wounds to attempt to reason with this darkness within, and find some kind of catharsis in the pain. The result of this is a really affecting and captivating work that does a great job of showcasing the gravity and sheer weight that DYLYN’s sound can have. We had a chat with the artist to find out about the seismic new track, and some of the thoughts and feelings behind it.

We love your new release ‘Hurt,’ what more can you tell us about it?

The concept started with the idea of “who hurt you babe?”. That question can be applied to all walks of life – everyone has experienced some sort of hardship or trauma. The idea is that no one in this world gets unscathed – yet the scars in our lives make us stronger. I have evolved the most during the darker seasons of life.

What was the process like putting it together?

It all started with an interesting synth bass – intimate smokey melodies followed. I wanted to push the chorus vocally, get some nice growls in the performance. I like the way the verse and chorus really contrast one another. The tag line post-chorus, “pain is the way to get out of your pain, ya pain is the way to get out,” – it’s a cool way to end the chorus, and it encapsulates the song’s message.

What was the thought process behind the music video?

I wanted the video to be a raw and intimate performance – it felt like something I hadn’t done. There was a point where I grabbed the camera myself; it created cool, shakey moments where it felt like I was talking to someone. I didn’t plan out how I was going to perform the song, every take was different, natural, and spur of the moment – capturing that kind of freedom feels honest.

There is often this raw and unfiltered sense of catharsis that permeates your work. Is that something that you strive for with your writing?

Definitely. It is so important for me to pull from a place of truth. It makes me connect to the words, the emotion, the melody – tapping into that raw energy. I’ve always found it easier to lean on the truth within songwriting. Especially when cutting vocals, I can snap back to that moment in time where I felt all that – that’s where the magic is at.

What else do you have planned for the near future?

I’m currently rehearsing with my band up until the new year – we’re going on tour in January, opening up for Mother Mother in the U.S. Also in the process of mixing and finishing up a few more tunes. I’m already thinking about the next album. So excited for the year ahead – so much to create and even more to learn.

‘Hurt’ is out now via Nettwerk Records