Kyrik Gaines – Don’t Fall in Love

Kyrik Gaines releases hazy R&B track 'Don't Fall in Love'

Kyrik Gaines releases hazy R&B track ‘Don’t Fall in Love’

As he builds towards his debut EP release, musician Kyrik Gaines brings ‘Don’t Fall in Love‘ to the masses. 

The self-written and self-produced track is a dreamy R&B offering that you can chill out and vibe to.

The track features stunning layering of vocals and synths to create a hazy soundscape that captures the mood of the track. 

Kyrik offers an exclusive quote on what inspired him to write the track. 

“Don’t Fall in Love touches on the last intimate moments before the end of a relationship. There are feelings of confusion, regret, and lust. It’s an awakening as well as a defeat.” 

“I wrote this song at a time when I was going through a breakup but didn’t quite want to end all forms of intimacy in the relationship just yet.

As toxic as it sounds, most of us experience that feeling at some point. Longing for the spark that was once there in the beginning and pretending that everything is okay to justify the actions. Simply enjoying the fantasy.”

‘Don’t Fall in Love’ is a taste of Kyrik’s upcoming EP ‘Somersault’.

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