Unwrapped: Etaoin – I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday

We had a chat with Etaoin about her stripped-back new take on the classic Christmas track

We hear Christmas songs so much at this time of year that they are more or less ingrained into our brain, waiting for the dark nights and cold to re-emerge so that they can do the same, alluring in their familiarity and nostalgic reminders of the holiday season.

Etaoin has taken one of these tracks, ‘I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday’ and put her own memorable spin on the track, swapping out its energetic and lively appeal for something packed full of emotion and heart, with it’s stripped-back, thoughtful appeal providing the track with a whole new dimension throughout. Her powerful vocal performance and the warmth of the track’s atmospheric appeal provide it with tonnes of charm throughout, and we had a chat with Etaoin to find out some more about her love of Christmas, why she chose this track, and what it means to be able to put her own stamp on it.

Hey! We love your new cover of ‘I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday’, what more can you tell us about it?

I chose ‘I Wish it Could Be Christmas Everyday’ for so many reasons. It’s my mums favourite Christmas song so it holds a huge amount of sentimental value for me. When Jimmy Rainsford (Picture This) my producer suggested doing a stripped back piano version it was a total no brainer.

What was the process like putting it together?

The process of putting it together felt unbelievably easy. Jimmy was about to leave for tour and literally the day before he left we went in to the studio and got it all done in one day!! He sent me over the recording within a few hours and I had it on repeat for a good week, that’s how I knew I wanted to release it.

What made you choose this track to cover in particular?

I was dying to do a Christmas cover because I’m a massive Christmas fan. My family always say they think in another life I was a Christmas elf! When Jimmy and I were recording it we realised it really suited my voice and no had done a stripped back version of ‘I Wish it Could Be Christmas’ before. Doing something that hasn’t been done before is always super exciting, so that made the process all the more enjoyable

How satisfying was it getting to take such a classic track and rework it in your own image?

Unbelievably satisfying. I feel like the original version makes me want to get up and dance (badly) every single time I hear it! It’s an absolute classic. The writing of the song is so unbelievable – I love how Roy Wood wrote it just by himself. With regards to my own image alongside the song I think everybody who knows me knows I’m a massive Christmas fan anyway so wouldn’t have been much of a surprise to see me releasing it and jumping around in a Santa hat!

What else do you have planned for the near future?

Next year I have plans for a big run of new music ready to go, support tours, live shows, festivals, and music videos! Even as soon as January! I’m absolutely buzzing for 2024.