Unwrapped: Katie Belle – The Best You’ll Ever Have

We had a chat with US artist Katie Belle about her raw and heartfelt new single ‘The Best You’ll Ever Have’

Reflecting on a breakup is often something that can bring out the more raw and authentic side of people, conjuring up feelings and emotions that feel vulnerable and relatable given that it is such a universal and lived experience for so many, and latest Katie Belle single ‘The Best You” Ever Have’ captures this atmosphere and feeling perfectly.

The track has a slick edge to the production and sound while maintaining this authentic and heartfelt appeal throughout, as the American singer-songwriter, artist, model and actress goes back to her dark dance-pop roots to craft a sound that feels both bewitchingly exciting and soberingly real, highlighting the nuance and charm of the artist and her alluring personality and charisma. We love the new single and had a chat with Katie to find out some more about how it came together and what else the exciting artist has planned for the future.

We love your new single ‘The Best You’ll Ever Have’, could you tell us more about it?

Hi!! Thank you for having me! I wrote The Best You’ll Ever Have fresh out of a long-term relationship. The situation I was in caused me a lot of pain but writing this song caused a lot of peace. I just hope when people hear this song that they will feel powerful, confident and know their worth.

What was the process like putting it together?

It’s different every time but this one worked itself out pretty quickly. I remember how upset and emotional I was feeling that day, I wasn’t necessarily trying to write my next single as I was trying to write a song that helped me get some stuff off my chest. My producer Fabio Campedelli helped me bring my feelings to life and it worked out so beautifully. It’s always worth it when you can make something good out of a bad situation.

What were your biggest influences when creating the track?

I was really just trying to dig deep and channel the aftermath of what I was feeling and what I went through emotionally from that breakup. Sonically my producer Fabio and I channelled some of my older dark pop tracks from 2019 and really just tried to create a reimagined sound. I wanted it to be a song you wanted to get over someone with, not a breakup song that made you want to cry.

There is a really unique and authentic feel to your sound, is that something that comes naturally for you?

Thank you!!! That such a compliment because I would definitely say I’m still developing my sound. It can be difficult for me because I’m inspired by so many people and things. Picking one inspiration and staying focused can be tough, that’s why I love to collaborate with producers. I feel so grateful for Fabio because he gets it.

What else do you have planned for the near future?

I have a lot of live shows coming up!!! My biggest goal this year is really getting back out there with my live performance so I can meet more of you guys face to face. I’m tired of being on my phone I want to be sharing my music out in the world and with real people. Hopefully I’ll be coming to a city near you sometime very soon.