Tom Tom Park – Still Alive

“Still Alive” is the hypnotic pop song with moody synths and a slick yet cosy atmosphere

Tom Tom Park is known for writing and producing glistening tracks with talented singers.

Known for exploring themes of putting yourself first, imagination and escapism, this is an artist known for their vivid songwriting.

“Still Alive is a song about self-help, there’s freedom in loving yourself first, and saying goodbye to your ex with the vow ‘as long as I know how to dance you know I’m still alive’.

But also, know your worth and act like it by getting back in charge of your own life. Start calling the shots.

Also, who knows the song is an ode to the bittersweet nature of change and getting helped by forces beyond your reach.”

“Still Alive” is a breath of fresh air that requires multiple listens just to hear every single beauty mark in the instrumentation and vocals.