‘Damages’ is a poignant and effortlessly slick new release from Laryssa Birdseye

The track is from the rising Portland artist's upcoming new album Chrysalis.

The track is from the rising Portland artist’s upcoming new album Chrysalis.

On her effortlessly immersive and cool new single ‘Damages’, Laryssa Birdseye showcases the duality of her sound, contrasting an electro-pop slickness and an authentic sense of vulnerability and rawness.

The track is packed full of these slick moments, from the unique sonic quirks of the electronics to the raw intimacy of her vocals and the poised, impactful nature of her lyrics. ‘Damages’ feels uncompromising and fiercely exciting, building a palpable sense of tension throughout that highlights the wildly exciting appeal of the artist and her distinctive charisma and personality. The tension behind the painful nature of the lyrics and the cutting edge nature of the rousing, cutting edge instrumental makes for one of the stirring releases of 2023, packed full of highlights and reasons to fall for the artist and her distinctive appeal. We love Laryssa Birdseye at CLOUT, her devastatingly powerful sound works on a multitude of levels and highlights the artist’s powerful, intoxicating charm that grips you throughout her thoughtful and memorable tracks.