Unwrapped: Only Sun – Switch Off, Fall Off

We had a chat with High Wycombe indie pop outfit Only Sun about their huge new single ‘Switch Off, Fall Off’

The beauty of creating a full length album is that you can really explore the range and the scope that you can take your sound into. Only Sun an outfit who have garnered a reputation for their unerring knack for crafting huge, memorable indie bangers, are now afforded the space to venture out and embrace some of the weirder or more restrained facets of their sound.

Latest release ‘Switch Off, Fall Off’ sees the outfit pushing their now signature indie pop sound into funk-laden territory, maintaining their effortless sense of fun and energy and pumping it with yet more swagger and fearless creativity, with devastating effect. This track was built for indie dancefloors and live shows alike, and is sure to become a staple of Only Sun’s sound and potentially one of the tracks that their effervescent brand comes to be defined by. We found out some more about the single and the outfits imminent debut full length Tangled Mind.

We love your new single ‘Switch Off, Fall Off’, what is the story behind the track?

Taylor sent me this funky demo after he watched a youtube vid of “How To Write an Michael Jackson Song” (which is a hilarious image to me). Anyway, I was of course all over it when I heard it because it’s such an insane bop.

Lyrically, I wanted to poke fun at the fact I have so many hobbies and how people seem to think I have a new passion every other week. It is light-hearted, yes. But it also came at a time where I was feeling a bit down about being “that guy” that gets “just okay” at everything but never “the best” at anything. I’m an 80 percenter basically… There’s just so many things to try out there – life is just too damn distracting for one thing man!

What was the process like putting the track together?

Smooth as it ever will be. Everything in this song just clicked into place like a well maintained scalextric set.

The track has an incredibly energetic feel, whilst also seeming forward thinking in its style, is that something you’ve been meaning to explore?

Well, we knew we needed a bop on this album and bop we produced (I am allowed to say that because Taylor wrote it). All jokes aside, Taylor and Ed are the most proactive people when it comes to honing their song-writing abilities. They are constantly pushing their craft forward and always looking to explore new styles and sounds. Everything they write is a step up from the last and covers new ground. Only Sun really benefits from that hunger in them to drive on their musicality!

There is obviously a tonne of live appeal to the track given its anthemic and often huge-feeling nature, is that something that you have in mind when writing?

Every part of an Only Sun writing process is geared towards playing it live. We are a live band who thrive off the chaotic nature of live shows. This song will not be complete until we have people bouncing along to it. Remember, if you can’t absolutely send it, covered in dark fruits in an empty bar in Sheffield – then your work on the song is not complete yet.

How does the track fit into your upcoming debut album Tangled Mind?

So our album “Tangled Mind” explores the light and dark of my mind during a pretty horrific year of mental health. Each song is a snapshot of thought at one particular time over the course of the year. This song is a playful face covering up truths of isolation and overexertion and is heavily contrasted to some really dark and honest chasms of thought on the album.

Overall, the “Tangled Mind” is a patchwork quilt of moods and paradigms of life: ecstasy, melancholy, bitterness, anxiety, hopelessness and love. It is a real-life Tangled Mind as it goes about real-life trying to untangle itself.