UpClose with 44 Linden

We got about as Up Close as you can hope to with anonymous collective 44 Linden.

Enigmatic, anonymous, and highly acclaimed, this week our partnership with CloseUp led us to a (metaphorical) door at the residence of 44 Linden.

All that is really known of the project is in the form of their debut single ‘Velvet’ that was conceived back in 2015. If anything the conversation has posed yet more questions than answers, but provides some interesting insight as to the enigma that is 44 Linden.

44Linden! It’s great to have a proper chat (Kinda). We’re such big fans of the music as you well know. Tell the world a bit about the musical world of 44 Linden. 

44 Linden is the residence in which ‘velvet’ and all that’s to follow was created, cultivated, curated, inspired… it’s a sonic and conceptual reflection of the time we’ve spent/spend/will spend there. 

What and who are 44 Linden?

44 Linden is a four-storey home in allston, massachussets. prior to being condemned as uninhabitable by whatever authority, it played host to a number of producers, writers, artists, students, ideas, bands, breakups, seances, rat infestations, drug use, script-readings, performances, arguments… 

Who are the key inspirations musically behind 44? 

leon vynehall, four tet, j dilla, arca, andy stott, jai paul, darkside, oneohtrix point never, usher.

Velvet’ is your debut release, what does this single in particular mean in the context of the project?

‘velvet’ was written, conceived, produced and recorded in the winter of 2015. it was the first realised idea of our tenure there, it’s only right it should be the first to see the world outside of it. 

Will 44Linden ever develop into a live project?

how much are you paying?