UpClose with Cop Kid

We got face (screen) to face (screen) with exciting emerging duo Cop Kid following the release of their latest new EP

Teaming up with CloseUp, we have manage to get an in depth look with some of the most exciting artists in and around their roster, and find some new favourites along the way. In this weeks installment of UpClose, we have been led to the engaging sonic pairing of Marny Proudfit and Boone Hogg, known collectively as Cop Kid.

Over the past few years the Utah duo have been gradually carving out a name for themselves for their refreshingly unique and spacious take on electronic pop. Their latest release, new EP Cop Kid Greatest Hits, Vol 2 is the best and their most cohesive collection to date of their introspective sound and the lack of rules and genre convention that is attached to it. We sought to find out some more about the duo and their unique dynamic and sound.

COP KID! It’s great to have a chat. We love your music as you well know. Tell us a bit more about the world of COP KID?

Thank you so much! COP KID is really just trying to be the soundtrack for someone’s life. The EP we released has conceptually been focused around a snapshot of a couple of kids in their young 20’s.

What part of the musical process do you enjoy most, and why? is it performing live, creating your tracks, or..?

We thrive off of creating new music.  It’s super fun to make music with your best friend.  We’re lucky to do it.  We’re also starting to perform more shows, so that has been a fun process to figure out as well.

The last 18 months and the pandemic have been crazy for musicians, how much has it had an affect on your music?

It was kind of wild how the tunes paralleled what was happening on a global scale – most of the lyrics on this first EP relate directly to isolation and self reflection. While the tracks were initially trying to capture those feelings from a quarter-life crisis point of view, I think it turned out to be very *of* the times.

If you could create a ‘COP KID Festival’, which 3 artists would you have headlining? (Fri, Sat, Sun)

Britney Spears, Gorillaz, and James Blake.

Your new EP is out now, tell us more about your latest release, and what to expect in the future?

The EP has been a long time coming, so it feels great to finally have it out in the world. The last song and featured track for the EP, “Give You Up” was one of our favorites to make because we felt like it’s something everyone can relate to – that feeling of wanting to have freedom, getting that freedom, and then regretting it. We also had a blast making the music video for it, which is an ode to Britney. As far as the future goes, we’re starting to play shows, which has been exciting. We are opening for Noah Cyrus in our hometown in September. We also have started work on our next project as well. We’re trying to stay busy