UpClose with FLOWVERS

We had a chat with exciting Pompey outfit FLOWVERS as they continue to generate buzz

Portsmouth indie rock outfit FLOWVERS have been grinding and carving out a name for themselves over the last five years, honing their craft and garnering a following along the way. Having spent lockdown recharging and reflecting, the outfit are now ready to go full steam ahead and have made a positive start, bringing back their live show, and releasing their latest EP The Old Chapel Demos and since then new single ‘Far Away’.

Through our partnership with our friends at CloseUp, we had a chat with the exciting outfit and found out some more about the FLOWVERS and life post-lockdown.

FLOWVERS. It’s great to have a chat! We love your music as you well know. Tell us a bit more about your new single?

We self produced this track along with Richard Woodcraft as our engineer at The Firepit in Warner’s headquarters in London. We were given some time to experiment self-producing and it’s a process we learnt a lot from, probably the most absorbing experience in a studio.

What part of the musical process do you enjoy most, and why? is it performing live, creating your tracks, or..?

For me (Matisse) it’s definitely shifted these past two years. I used to enjoy gigging but lived for recording as it was more of an occasion and meant capturing our live presence forever… but now it’s the opposite. I know for a fact we didn’t anticipate how much we rely on gigging. It’s been a missing piece of the FLOWVERS puzzle.

The last 12 months and the pandemic have been crazy for musicians, how much has it had an affect on your music?

Lockdown and restrictions offered us a pause button. We were relentless before, not just with the band but our own lives. Having some time to stop and reflect on life doesn’t often come about. We stayed head strong and got writing as soon as our rehearsal space opened up with restrictions. And then, along came all these songs that we’ve been working into our set. Don’t get me wrong – it was difficult at some stages, and not meeting other bands and followers has been jarring.

If you could create a ‘FLOWVERS Festival’, which 3 artists would you have headlining? (Fri, Sat, Sun) ps. can we come?!

Friday – George Clanton
Saturday – Rasta Mouse DJ set
Sunday – Bob Marley – reincarnated or a live hologram, let the people decide.

You played LDN’s notorious Old Blue Last a couple of weeks back, what does a FLOWVERS live show usually entail? 

We’ve always been focused on replicating our live sound to records then translating them back after. The aftermath is sweaty teens, the occasional black eye, an overpriced drink being thrown over you, and a severe lack of social distancing.