UpClose with My Life as a Moth

We had a chat with unique and exciting emerging artist My Life As A Moth

Our friends at CloseUp have led us to My Life As A Moth following the release of her debut single ‘Chest Of Dress Up’, and what a unique and wonderfully initial release it is.

The London-based, Swedish singer-songwriter has immediately established herself as an arresting and exciting emerging talent that injects a wholly unique DNA into her sound and writing. The range of different sonic places that her sound pulls from and the unconventional structure that it takes on feels as playful and expansive as it does unsettlingly uncompromising and intense. There is an otherworldly feel to ‘Chest Of Dress Up’, a that sweeps you up in its restrained chaos and never lets go. We got to know the precociously talented artist a little better, anticipating that big things are yet to come from her in the future.

Hello! It’s great to have a chat. We love your music as you well know. Tell us a bit more about the world of My Life As A Moth?

The world of My Life As A Moth revolves very much around my piano in the living room. I got it off Facebook Marketplace and it has flowers painted on it. It’s where my candles, notebooks and plants live and where I’m currently spending most of my time. It is definitely a happy place in My Life As A Moth. The world extends past that in exciting projects and experiences, but always returns home to my writing nook. 

What part of the musical process do you enjoy most, and why? is it performing live, creating your tracks, or..?

I love songwriting; sculpting and crafting songs, working on my lyrics, exploring melodies and working it into a structure. Each song is born differently, some spring out all of a sudden and some need love and attention for months.
At the same time, recording my new material at Vada Studio was one of the best months of my life. The recording process is like giving the breath of life into the more inanimate ideas and words and that process was so exciting. I would say songwriting and recording are my favourite parts as they both somehow inspire and give life to each other. 

The last 18 months and the pandemic have been crazy for musicians, how much has it had an affect on your music?

In terms of music, the pandemic actually gave me quite a bit of writing time that I might not otherwise have had. There were of course serious moments of dullness and lack of inspiration to battle, and staying on top of ones mental health, although had moments within that where I created stuff I’m actually really proud of. The pandemic has been tough on everyone in so many different ways, and if one is lucky enough to find a silver lining within it one should honour it. It made me so grateful for music; both being able to create it, but also being able to listen to other peoples music. It has the power of expanding a very isolated world. 

If you could create a ‘My Life As A Moth Festival’, which 3 artists would you have headlining? (Fri, Sat, Sun)

Gorillaz on Friday 
PJ Harvey on Saturday 
Patti Smith on Sunday
Wolf Alice and Du Blonde would feature somewhere too. 
And a surprise holographic space telegraph from Bowie if one can really wish.   

Do you have any live plans for the project, what does 2022 await?

I’m starting off the year with a new single release and then an EP. I’m so excited to start playing live next year. Will also be working towards an album release later in the year and working on some new material.