UpClose with The Tin Pigeons

East-Midlands indie pop duo The Tin Pigeons are the latest outfit to get the UpClose treatment following the release of the bouncy ‘Another Time’.

Our partnership with CloseUp has this week brought us face to (socially distanced) face with East-Midlands indie pop duo The Tin Pigeons. Already boasting an revered and intricately crafted back catalog of thoughtful and moving indie pop tunes, November 27th saw the outfit release their latest single, ‘Another Time’. The track is an encapsulation of everything that makes the duo feel exciting and fresh. It is restless and emotionally vulnerable, wearing its heart on its sleeve and stacked full of style and substance in equal measure.

2020 has been deflating and often challenging year, but with stellar new tracks like in ‘Closer’, ‘Good Goodbye’, and now ‘Another Time’, The Tin Pigeons have been crafting welcome distractions from reality. We had a chat with the duo about how the current climate has impacted them and their new music.

The Tin Pigeons! It’s great to have a chat! We love your music as you well know. We’re so happy to hear new music from yourselves, and a socially distanced LDN show on the horizon. Tell us, what does a Tin Pigeons live show usually bring?  

Thanks guys – and thanks for having to invite us to chat! After a crazy year for all of us – we are really hoping to finish off 2020 with a high note, so fingers crossed we are able to play a live socially distanced show! We are happiest playing live so we try and put all our energy into our stage performance so our live show would feature a lot of bouncing!

What part of the musical process do you enjoy most, and why? is it performing live, creating your tracks, or..?

Each part offers something different and unique that we LOVE. i think first and foremost we are a live band so we love being on the road touring, getting to meet lovely people in new places. Although, when we are on tour we crave being locked away in the studio and when we are in the studio we crave touring!

2020 has been such a crazy year for musicians, how much has it had an impact on your music, and the band?

It’s had a big impact, we usually play around 70 shows a year and this year we have done 3… its been hard to adjust to a new way of doing things, however it actually has been nice to have some down time to purely focus on finishing up music and releasing new singles, we’ve also been able to write loads!

If you created a Tin Pigeons festival, and could pick 3 headliners, who would you go for? 

Springsteen. Paramore. Mr Motivator.

Your new single ‘Another Time’ just dropped, we absolutely love it. Seems to have the classic Tin Pigeons sound, but with a bit more complexity/maturity, tell us all about it?!

We wrote the single last year, it took a while for it to take shape over various studio sessions, but we love the finished product. Lyrically we wanted to focus on the feeling of unrequited love, when you know something is just wrong BUT there’s that niggling feeling that it might work out if circumstances were different.