Who TF is Klemntyna?

We had a chat with alluring and creative rising artist Klemntyna following the release of her powerful new single ‘IN LOVE’

Boasting a unique sound that melds pop and R&B to give her a slick and distinctive aesthetic, and utilising her platform to empower women with a palpable sense of passion, Warsaw born artist Klemntyna is something of a unique force in modern music, armed with an allure and sense of composure that invariably feels powerful and engrossing.

The artist’s latest single ‘IN LOVE’ is a track shrouded in darkness and intrigue, with the artist’s lush sound being used to convey a narrative of toxicity within a relationship and having to get away for your own sake. There is a real vulnerability and honesty to the lyrics, making for a cathartic and empowering listening experience as it builds up in fierce and liberating fashion as the artist frees herself from the experience. We love the new single and the nuanced and experimental approach that the artist took with her sound, and figured that we should find out some more about the artist, her journey, and the story behind the track.

Who TF is Klemntyna?

Klemntyna is an artist of the world, born in Warsaw, and currently living between NYC and London, combining a modern, yet organic Pop R&B sound with sweet, but powerful vocals. She began her music journey at just 12, inspired by pop powerhouse artists, including Beyoncé, Michael Jackson, and Whitney Houston that evolved into a lifelong passion for singing, and pushed her to pursue a career in music. Her debut album is set to be released on June 21st, 2024 and sets a precedent for her unique sound and impactful lyrics that will continue to develop with her career. Klemntyna has a passion for empowering women and alongside her music career, modeling, and art/tech entrepreneurship, she also started the online Gen Z women’s collective FemZquared in 2020 to uplift women through storytelling.

How long have you been making music?

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been drawn to music, but I started taking it seriously at the age of 12 when I became inspired by Michael Jackson. Since then, I’ve been taking regular voice and dance classes. Vocally and performance-wise, I also always looked up to Beyonce and Whitney Houston. It wasn’t until I was in high school and became inspired by beat poetry, jazz and rap when I started writing my own songs. Ever since then, I’ve been working on original music and released my first single in 2019. Now I have my debut album coming out next month and I’m very excited to share it with my audience!

Why do you make music?

I love music the most out of all art forms because of how abstract and accessible it is. It’s not really limited by anything, and it can reach and speak to millions of people. This is why I make music! It allows me to understand, process and share my experience and feelings in a way that can be accessed by a diverse audience. Also, having an opportunity to possibly inspire and touch others through sound is the best feeling in the world!

What are your biggest influences?

I’ve always been inspired by powerhouse vocalists and iconic performers, mainly Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Michael Jsckson and Mariah Carey. Some of my other influences have been The Weeknd, RAYE, Lana del Rey, Billie Eilish and Finneas. I have also drawn a lot of inspiration for my songwriting from Beat Generation poets, such as Allen Ginsberg, as well as rappers, mainly JAY Z and Mac Miller.

What would you say has been your best moment so far?

Making my debut album and being involved in the entire creative process from writing all the songs in my bedroom, to getting in the studio with my producer, Jake Tavill, and experimenting with different sounds, to obviously recording layers of vocals! I’ve also loved designing the live vocal performances concept with my team and filming it in Brooklyn. I’ve gotten so many amazing opportunities throughout the process of making my debut album. The entire experience has honestly been one of the best in my life!

How would you describe your sound to somebody unfamiliar with it?

My sound is a mix of Pop and R&B with alternative, slightly dark and experimental influences. On my upcoming album, we experimented with a lot of layered synths. You’ll be able to hear songs that range from R&B, to Synth Pop, to Singer-Songwriter, to even a bit of Rock and Trap. In general, I’m inspired by various genres, therefore, I like my music to reflect that.

What’s your dream “I’ve made it” moment?

I would love to keep developing my sound, work with the best team, and become a better artist making innovative music. I really just want to see my music grow over time and expand my community. Some of my dream stages are MSG in NYC or The Royal Albert Hall in London. If one day I could headline a sold out show at one of them (or even both), I’d definitely be pinching myself 🙂 My other “I’ve made it” goal would be to use my music influence to give back. A few years ago I started a platform called FemZquared that aims to empower women through storytelling. I had since had an opportunity to meet hundreds of inspiring personalities and host dozens of online events that ranged from tech, to music and arts. One day, I’d love to see it become a foundation that supports women from all backgrounds in helping them achieve their goals and ambitions. Achieving success in music and philanthropy would definitely be my biggest “I’ve made it” moment!

We love your new single ‘IN LOVE’, what more can you tell us about it?

“IN LOVE” is a very special song to me, which I wrote about a personal experience ending a relationship with someone that was not good for me. It’s, therefore, very emotional and direct. I’m very proud of it because it’s one of the most vulnerable songs I’ve ever written and it’s definitely been a part of the healing process for me. In terms of its sound, it has a bit of an experimental vibe, mixed with Alt Pop and Alternative R&B. I also filmed a live vocal performance for it, directed by Zachary Grullon. You can watch the video on my YouTube and listen to the song on any streaming platform!

What else do you have planned for the near future?

I’m releasing another single on May 30th, called “IN N OUT”. It’s a song that reflects the dynamics of an on and off relationship, also inspired by my personal experience of being in one. It has a bit of a more fierce and sexy Alt Pop, R&B and Electro Pop sound. I think it will be a great summer song! Other than that, I’m releasing my debut album, SHE on June 21st. The album has been in the works for the last 4 years, and it’s about navigating relationships, growth, and ambition in your early 20s. It will feature 11 songs all written about my reflections, challenges, and experiences over the last 4 years. Make sure to follow my socials to stay tuned!

And finally, who is your biggest fan right now?

Probably my Mom and my best friend (and producer!) – Jake. They’ve been so incredibly supportive of me! My Mom has always supported my passion for singing as well as my ambitions ever since I was a child, often sacrificing a lot of things. Jake has been so patient with me, but also has been one of the first music friends to believe in me and my music. I wouldn’t be releasing my album and be where I am as an artist, if it wasn’t for him! I’m very grateful for all the support I’m also receiving from my close friends, family and colleagues!