‘Sad Girl Cannon’ is an expansive and shoegazey new single from Luna Waves

The track is from the creative UK artist's upcoming new album Comedowns

The track is from the creative UK artist’s upcoming new album Comedowns

Bedford based multi-instrumentalist Rob Muir, better known as Luna Waves, is someone who has been steadily establishing himself for over half a decade now for his atmospheric brand of psychedelic rock and dream pop, blending 80’s and 90’s inspired sounds to create a distinctive and immersive cocktail of styles.

The artist’s latest single ‘Sad Girl Cannon’ is a wonderfully spacey and shoegazy new release that feels both expansive and nostalgic throughout. Luna Waves’ engrossing and distinctive sonic textures make for a uniquely captivating and dynamic listening experience that is packed full of nuance and appeal. The almost hypnotic way that it moves and flows and the euphoria of the blissed out soundscape make for compelling listening, setting the scene perfectly for the artist’s forthcoming new album Comedowns which looks set to see him continuing to move in this more abstract, shoegazy direction.