A Day In Venice continues to showcase his diverse alternative rock appeal on new single ‘Through the Embers of Hell’

The expansive and exciting new track is already the artist's third single of 2024

The expansive and exciting new track is already the artist’s third single of 2024

His intense and atmospheric sound have provided Italian artist songwriter and producer Andrej Kralj, better known as A Day In Venice, with something of a distinctive reputation, with his sounds often feeling like sprawling odysseys that explore the spectrum between rock and metal with a sense of dynamism and verve that feels unpredictable and fierce.

The latest single from the artist is new single ‘Through the Embers of Hell’, a rousing showcase of the artist’s transformative and all-encompassing appeal. The track melds domineering basslines and soaring guitars with an atmospheric intensity throughout, anchored by the almost angelic tone of the vocals that provide a stark contrast to the more moody and dark tone of the sound. The new single is packed full of distinctive appeal and character, and provides a thoughtful glimpse into the artist’s upcoming album due to be released later this year.