EP Review: Windows – Raindrops on the Open Road

Mexican-American country-psych outfit Windows showcase their versatility and unique aura on debut EP Raindrops On The Open Road

Having shown mountains of potential and unique charm since their emergence back in 2019, LA country-psych outfit Windows have cemented their staying power with the release of their engrossing and creative debut EP Raindrops on the Open Road, a collection of tracks that does a great job of encapsulating their unique appeal.

The EP opens with ‘Wanted To Know’, a winding and carefree track that melds laid-back surf rock guitars with a wistful alt-country aesthetic to make for a sublimely carefree listening experience throughout. As the EP’s name suggests, this feels like a perfect track for a breezy road trip, packed full of the kind of charm and immersive good vibes that seems to attract good times.

The more upbeat ‘Sr89’ follows, bringing out a more dynamic sense of attitude and fire in the outfit while maintaining their effortlessly cool sense of composure and aura. The vocals in particular on the track have a swagger to them that evokes the spirit of classic country rock artists, containing the kind of bite and flippant appeal that has filled out stadiums.

The bands more psychedelic tendencies come to the fore on the kaleidoscopic ‘Raindrops’, an almost seven minute odyssey that is blessed with a a hypontising charm and while still packing an immersive feel that draws you in throughout. The tracks up tonight have all leant on different influences and styles, giving them a unique flavour while maintaining the unique DNA and aura of Windows that keeps them feeling connected, such is the personality and feel of the band.

There is a really cool desert rock feel to fourth track ‘Don’t Stare at the Sun’,  an atmospheric track that has a cool indie rock bounce to it that wouldn’t feel out of place alongside some of the work of bands like Queens of the Stone Age or The Howlers, melding captivating melodies and catchy charm with a hard-edged aesthetic that feels both moody and enchanting.

The album closes out with ‘Green Lagoon’, another psychedelic goliath of a track that ties up the release in epic fashion, over seven minutes long and laced full of dreamy twists and turns and the kind of ingenuity that we have grown accustomed to by the EP’s close. The inescapable allure of the sound, from everything from the blissed out rhythms to the tone of the guitars, is something that takes a hold of you throughout, almost like a trance, and ends the EP leaving you thoroughly satisfied with your experience.

Raindrops On The Open Road is a winding and expansive release that sees the band flirting with a range of genres around their established country-psych sound and creating a thoroughly memorable and consistently engrossing piece of work in the process. The melodies here have a fun, catchy allure to them while the more atmospheric moments stir something within your core. While the sound is packed full of intrigue and appeal, it its the band’s aura and distinctive Mexican-American lens and feel to their sound that truly sets it apart, and makes all of of these tracks pop and stand out in such personal and compelling fashion.