‘Walking Away’ is a powerful new release from soulful emerging artist Abby Simone

The track follows her lauded debut release 'Same Sunrise'.

The track follows her lauded debut release ‘Same Sunrise’.

Having blown us and countless others (over 200,000 others according to spotify streams) with her debut single ‘Same Sunrise’, Abby Simone is back with the similarly powerful and poignant ‘Walking Away’.

The track has a stripped back feel to it, with the artist’s smooth, jazzy vocals met with a soft, melancholy guitars as the track builds into something that feels captivating and transcendent. Everything here from the powerful narrative of leaving something behind to the quiet coolness of the R&B-tinged production feels effortless and all-encompassing, with the track showcasing the incredible power that can be conjured through emotional, immersive songwriting.