‘Not Finished Yet’ is a rousing showcase of Addi P and her hybrid hip-hop sound

The track is the artist's first single since the release of her 2022 EP Highest Good. 

The track is the artist’s first single since the release of her 2022 EP Highest Good.

With the release of her effortlessly captivating new single ‘Not Finished Yet’, UK singer-songwriter, rapper and producer Addi P does a great job of continuing to establish her slick, hybrid sound and the unique personality and bite that characterises her distinctive sound style.

The track melds the laid-back smoothness of soulful R&B with a more razor-sharp alternative hip-hop edge, making for a sound that borrows from a range of influences to craft something that feels fresh and engaging. Whichever side of the hip-hop spectrum you find yourself on there is a lot to unpack and enjoy here, from the effortless nature of the wordplay and flows to the delectably chilled out soundscape, Addi P’s charismatic charm makes for compelling listening, and the best looks to be yet to come from the young emerging artist.