‘Type’ is a fun new single from emerging Nashville artist Ainsley Costello

The artist has been constantly releasing enticing tracks for the last few years.

At just 18, Ainsley Costello is someone that seems to be growing as an artist and songwriter, developing an exciting, rock-edged sound that takes the glittery catchiness of pop and injects it with something to make it feel a bit more cutting edge and dangerous.

The latest release from the artist is her new single ‘Type’, a track that sees the artist sassily bemoaning the certain kind of boy that seems to like her, and reaffirm that putting a twist on the catchy phrase; “I don’t like the type, the type likes me”. Musically, the track has all of the pep and energy that you expect from Ainsley, with her infectious vocals and hard-hitting instrumentation ensuring that the track is as engaging as it is memorable.