Buzz Violet – Energy

Buzz Violet makes his sparkling debut on the new single ‘Energy’

Buzz Violet makes his sparkling debut on the new single ‘Energy’ 

The new project from Petrie front man George Edward, Buzz Violet offers up a vibrant, chill yet enigmatic and uplifting R&B-Pop soundscape on ‘Energy’. 

Built around a shuffling beat and a bouncing guitar line, the bright and breezy tone of the music is contrasted with a warmingly reflective and melancholy undercurrent as Edward’s treads through the experience of overdoing it during nights out. Buzz’s silky, charismatic and impeccably controlled lead vocal shines as his words glide over the instrumentation with a confident ease.

Speaking about the track, Buzz explains: “‘Energy’ is a confession of one’s tendency to drink too much on the weekend and make poor decisions that negatively affect the relationships with those around you. 

I wrote it in the aftermath of a big night out where I made a fool of myself and regretted it – something I’m sure most of us can relate to! The narrator is explaining to a love interest that meeting them has inspired a desire to live life to the fullest by leading a crazy, hedonistic lifestyle as a means to recover from a dark period in the years beforehand. Although the love interest shares similar tendencies, they feel he’s taken it too far and he needs to ‘calm it down’ a little or he risks damaging the relationship.” 

An exciting debut from an artist who has already experience widespread acclaim in other projects, Buzz Violet is surely set to soar with the release of the new single.