‘the same’ is the beautiful new release from Aleena Loren

The track follows the artist's 2020 debut single 'Side of You'

The track follows the artist’s 2020 debut single ‘Side of You’

A captivating showcase of how less can often be more, latest Aleena Loren release ‘the same’ is an angelic and often euphoric new release that showcases the otherworldly appeal of the artist and her voice.

The track builds gradually, with everything from the vocals to the instrumentation slowly rising as it progresses. The apex of the track is its captivating and memorable chorus, that further continues to establish the understated appeal of the lovesick singer. ‘the same’ is a heartbroken ballad that feels immensely touching and sincere both when at its most delicate and stripped back or when it gives way to a thoughtful wall of sound.