‘Canyon’ is an immersive and multi-faceted new release from Aminta Skye

The track follows the emerging artist's debut single 'Ring Around The Sun'.

The track follows the emerging artist’s debut single ‘Ring Around The Sun’.

On her sophomore single ‘Canyon’, emerging artist Aminta Skye continues to showcase the alluring personality and charm that turned heads when she released her 2021 debut release ‘Ring Around The Sun’.

Her multi-faceted songwriting style makes for a sound that feels both classic but with a modern cutting edge, anchored by her charismatic, assured vocals and thoughtful lyrics. The track has a really immersive and engaging feel to it musically, but narratively tells a darker tale of desperation and jealousy, having to see someone betray you and move on and picking up the pieces in the aftermath. This relatable and bittersweet narrative ties with the emotion and conviction of the sound perfectly, and makes for an enticing release that works on a number of different levels. Aminta’s rewarding songwriting and earnest storytelling make for a lethal combination, and the artist’s unique appeal with surely only grow more apparent with subsequent releases.