‘Nightlife’ is a reflective but characteristically upbeat new release from modernlove.

The track is from the popular Irish outfit's brand new EP of the same name.

The track is from the popular Irish outfit’s brand new EP of the same name.

Having grown into one of the countries most exciting and lauded acts over the last few years, Irish indie rock outfit modernlove. have continued to showcase why they are earning so much acclaim on their brand new EP Nightlife.

The title track from the new release encapsulates the ethos and energy of a collection of tracks that paint a picture of young people’s lives and the highs and lows that come with them. There is a boundless, insatiable energy that swells throughout the track, with the modernlove.’s signature hooks and catchy charm providing a chaotic edge to a track that reflects on their messier, more party-oriented past. The thoughtful nature of the lyrics contrasts with the track’s more energetic and wild tendencies really nicely, and creates a nuanced and well-rounded picture of their experiences in hindsight.

#Vocalist/guitarist Barry Lally says, “‘Nightlife’ is about all of the messy nights we’ve had as a band growing up. The music reflects how much fun those nights might have felt in the moment but the narrative of the song recognises that it’s not healthy for the minds and relationships of communities of young people to carry on like this and that in retrospect, these were not ‘good nights’. There’s a chaotic vibe that builds to a sonic climax in the bridge of the song echoing the hedonism and debauchery of these times.”