‘Never Again’ by Angela Parchetta may just be the feel-good anthem of this summer

The memorable track is currently the artist's only release of 2022. 

The memorable track is currently the artist’s only release of 2022.

Angela Parchetta has returned with the gorgeous new summery, self-love single ‘Never Again. The track is the artist’s first release since her standalone 2021 single ‘Trust Issues’, and showcases a much more defiant and bold artist when compared to its more sombre predecessor.

The track has a lush, infectiously bouncy soundscape and radiates good vibes throughout. From its pianos, to the horns, to Angela’s rousing and empowering vocals and lyrics, the track is built to uplift listeners and make you see the shining qualities that you possess, and that nobody should be able to strip that sense of confidence from you. Angela’s affable charisma and quirky charm is on full display on the new release, and ‘Never Again’ could well be one of the great feel-good tracks of summer 2022.