‘Tarantino’ is a witty and sarcastic new anthem from emerging artist Anna Baldree

The track is from the artist's new album Because of the Rain. 

The track is from the artist’s new album Because of the Rain.

A witty and often scathing diss to “pretentious fuckboys”, new Anna Baldree single ‘Tarantino’ is both a wonderfully melodic and gleefully fun new single that will most likely hit a bit too closely to home for some listeners.

The third single from the artist’s new album Because of the Rain sees the artist reeling off the names of stereotypical films and things that these people like in a sarcastic, unimpressed fashion, and with devastating effect. Anna shows off a tonne of charisma and charm throughout the track, violently rolling her eyes at the idea of “Zeppelin” and “The Big Lebowski” and showcasing more personality and guile than some artist’s do throughout a career. Anna clearly had a tonne of fun here, and it is really nice to see an artist’s sense of humour and wit shine through a track in such an endearing and genuinely fun way.