‘Pull Me Down’ is an empowering new pop-rock banger from Ari Tahan

The track is the artist's second release of 2022 following the wild success of 'Lights Down'.

The track is the artist’s second release of 2022 following the wild success of ‘Lights Down’.

With her wonderfully defiant pop-rock sound, Ari Tahan takes a stand against toxic relationships and narcissists on her emboldening and fierce new single ‘Pull Me Down’.

The track has a really slick feel to it from its offset, with its fun instrumentation and beats providing a really cool, modern backdrop to the artist’s charismatic and personality-filled vocals. As the track progresses it grows a rockier edge, driving the track’s intensity as the empowering artist grows in statue and confidence as it reaches its apex. ‘Pull Me Down’ is an emphatic statement from Ari Tahan, and one that serves as an empowering message to anyone going through a similar situation while packing a fun, accessible edge.

“I painted a clear picture of how the toxic relationship was for me.” Ari says of the track. “I felt like I would never be enough, and after hiding my emotions for years I finally found myself and this song is one of many that marks my presence. Nobody can ever ‘Pull Me Down’.”