Austel and vinyoles team up for an expansive progressive house remix of ‘Beds of Stone’

The original track was from the artist's immersive debut LP Dead Sea

The original track was from the artist’s immersive debut LP Dead Sea

Following the release of her enchanting debut album Dead Sea earlier this year, expansive alternative pop artist Austel has continues to push the confines of her sound, teaming up with vinyoles to release a captivating progressive house remix of her single ‘Beds Of Stone’ from the album.

The new remix captures the ethereal and stirring qualities of the sound while repackaging them in a more dreamy and upbeat way, giving a whole new feeling of exploration and adventure to the track while holding onto everything that makes the artist’s sound feel so distinctive and alluring. This take on the track does a great job of reworking Austel’s sound and broadening the scope of it to appeal to new audiences through its rippling, rewarding sound, and hopefully allowing them to attach themselves to the distinctive and moving qualities that make all of Austel’s work stand out and feel so special.