‘Not a Fan’ is a scathing and unflinching new single from Maddy Carty

The track is the second single from the rising artist's upcoming new EP Otherhood

The track is the second single from the rising artist’s upcoming new EP Otherhood

The soft and endearing tone of Maddy Carty‘s sound has often made for a stunning platform for the artist to weave her thoughtful and alluring narratives across her releases, and it has provided an equally great juxtaposition on her brand new single ‘Not a Fan’, a track that sees the artist utilising her soft sound to take a swipe at misogynists and people she has encountered who look to make themselves feel more important or intelligent than others.

This makes for a really engrossing and captivating listening experience, almost feeling like you’re listening in on a private conversation where the artist dresses someone down with her pointed barbs and acerbic writing. The lyrics hit hard here while the sound offers a gorgeously melodic and laid-back atmosphere that creates this really fun dichotomy and disjointed feeling, just adding to the impact of the words throughout. This is a really fun new single that many will relate to and find solace and catharsis in the artist’s raw and unapologetic stance, whether in the music industry or just people you’ve experienced in day to day life.