‘Listen’ is Banji’s punchy and energetic introduction

Yep, it's the debut single from the Dutch four-piece!

Yep, it’s the debut single from the Dutch four-piece!

Banji combine all of their favourite indie-rock elements in their new outing ‘Listen’. It is a striking introduction to the Dutch four-piece.

Mixing jaunty guitar riffs and a lackadaisically baggy vibe, the band channel the best bits of The Dandy Warhols, Beck and Darwin Deez into their colour brand of indie rock. Bouncy and immediately fun, it leaves listeners longing to hear more.

“The instrumental to this track felt very lively and energetic. There are a lot of little elements hidden in the music, almost as if they’re constantly trying to talk through each other,: share Banji of the track. “I took that concept and pictured a couple sitting at a dinner table. ‘Listen’ ended up being a song about favouring child-like stubbornness over maturity. The inability to filter thoughts, and instead, trying to talk your way out. It’s basically me saying to myself ‘things would be a lot easier if you just listened’

“It’s also the first song we finished,” the conclude. “[It] felt like a good introduction to the band, asking people to listen”.

‘Listen’ is available now via [PIAS] Recordings.