‘Absorbed’ is a poignant and atmospheric new release from Before Breakfast

The track closes out the duo's new EP of the same name.

The track closes out the duo’s new EP of the same name.

With an immersive sound that feels as endearing and vulnerable as it does captivating, Before Breakfast create lush sonic worlds within their sound that feel impossible to not find yourself drawn to and transfixed in their spellbinding prowess and deftness.

The latest release from Gina and Lucy is ‘Absorbed’, an effortlessly rousing, slow building release that takes you on one of these sonic journeys that the duo are growing known for. The atmospheric nature of the track and the way that it delicately builds makes for experience that feels rewarding and moving, with the track’s choral vocals and strings providing a stirring, unique flair. The track grips you from its offset, steeped in emotion and a sense of earnest, raw honesty, and provides a visceral and authentic sound and feeling that sticks to you for long after your listen.