‘Rattle On’ is a cathartic and powerful sophomore single from Belfountain

The track follows the release of the artist's debut single 'Give It Up' from last month

The track follows the release of the artist’s debut single ‘Give It Up’ from last month

Last month, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and JUNO Award winning producer Chris Graham introduced his new project Belfountain to the world with the release of the debut single ‘Give It Up’, an encouraging showcase of his powerful sound ahead of the release of debut album Some Hearts. 

His stirring sophomore single ‘Rattle On’ is one that continues to shine a light on his appeal, building up a sense of atmospheric tension in its brooding verses before giving way to soaring, cathartic choruses that explode to life. The track’s narrative mirrors this feeling, telling a tale of persevering and overcoming adversity as time ticks on and we grow older. This makes for a relatable and somewhat harrowing feeling in times, and one that is defiantly quelled through the power and defiant nature of the sound, meeting any kind of anguish the artist’s distinguished, all-encompassing vocals, rallying us on to continue to fight back against the annals of time. Introspective, moving and soulful, the track does a great job of continuing to establish what makes the project feel so exciting and build anticipation towards the release of his LP.