‘Love of My Life’ is an vibrant and rousing new pop anthem from Bellah Mae

The track is from the artist's excellent new EP Never Waste a Heartbreak

The track is from the artist’s excellent new EP Never Waste a Heartbreak

With the release of her brand new EP Never Waste a Heartbreak, rising UK artist Bellah Mae has lived up to the hype and catapulted herself to pop stardom, confirming the massive appeal and charm of her country-tinged story telling and anthemic pop sensibilities with a collection of tracks that feel inspired and captivating.

A highlight from the EP comes in the form of its final track ‘Love of My Life’, an infectiously catchy way to cap off the album and a track that melds her charismatic vocal delivery with danceable grooves and irresistible melodies. This track is full-blooded and powerful pop in its most unapologetic form, soaring throughout and packing a vibrancy and thoughtful nature that feels fresh and exciting throughout. The track reaffirms the artist’s mantra: “We never waste a heartbreak, we can always get a song out of it!”, and if heartbreak always sounds this good, then we’re in for an exciting future with the artist.