‘Reasons I Can’t Sleep is a moving and powerful new release from Natalie Claro

The track is the compelling artist's first single since 2023's 'What You Did To Me'

The track is the compelling artist’s first single since 2023’s ‘What You Did To Me’

On her effortlessly compelling and powerful new single ‘Reasons I Can’t Sleep,  LA based artist, writer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Natalie Claro explores her overactive mind and the things that keep her up at night, wrought with an emotional depth and intensity that feels gripping from the moment that it begins.

The track delves into the depths of issues like spirituality, love, mental health, and healing, showcasing the unique power of her sound in atmospheric and expansive fashion. The track captures the artist in an introspective and questioning mood that is paired expertly with the unique aura and feel of the instrumental, feeling angsty, restless and contemplative as part of a package that feels unlike anything you’re likely to hear anytime soon. Natalie Claro is a truly unique prospect as a songwriter and artist, and the way that she thinks and puts her tracks together has her in a league of her own as an artist and auteur and somebody who has an unmistakable and endlessly captivating presence.

“I wasn’t raised with religion; my family offered me freedom to choose my own spirituality. “Natalie Claro says, “In pursuit of answers, I’d think, ‘if god loves me, why won’t he let me sleep?’ While heartbroken, I’d ask, ‘If someone loves me, how could they hurt me so badly?’ I almost found more consolation in the idea of not being loved at all. I just needed an explanation for why I was suffering from insomnia for so many years. I thought it ironic that when we’re deeply hurting and crave sleep, suddenly, our minds won’t shut up and let us rest. With a goal to fix the pain, I ended up healing myself in so many other ways. Whether or not the universe has the power to love you, either way, you can love and heal yourself.”