Alt-pop star Belot continues to flex her unique charm on ‘Ain’t It a Shame’

The track comes alongside the release of the artist's excellent new EP The Good Life. 

The track comes alongside the release of the artist’s excellent new EP The Good Life.

Her progressive pop charm and infectious sense of energy and charisma have made Belot into a revered figure in the UK music scene, with tastemakers and audiences alike lauding her for her wholly unique approach and appeal. Today marks the release of her eclectic and exciting third EP The Good Life, and with it comes the brand new single ‘Ain’t It a Shame’.

The new track feels like everything that feels fresh and engrossing about Belot packed into just under two and a half minutes. The soundscape feels vibrant and captivating, melding jangly guitars with a dirty, bassy undertone that feels inspired and fun, while her vocals feel as energetic and packed full of life as ever. Belot is everything that modern pop artists looking to put their stamp on the genre and make it their own should aspire to be, with a sound that drips with personality, colour and bags of infectious charm.

Adding about “Ain’t It A Shame”, she said, “Ain’t it a shame was a song I always sort of wanted to write. I was in the studio with writer/ producer Stephen Barnes. We had been particularly excited for the session, as we had known each other for years but never quite gotten in a room together.

“The song, as you have probably guessed from my lack of private plane, is purely conceptual. The song is about when people who had previously doubted your abilities, and or overlooked you, can come out of the woodwork later on, when they’ve realised they’ve missed the boat, or in this sassy song’s case, the yacht.

“Over the years, I’d made a lot of friends in the music industry, fellow artists, writers and producers. I always think about how lucky I am to be put in a room with people who all have the same obsession. It’s like summer camp on steroids.

“Anyways it appeared to me that everyone, all at varying stages of their careers, had someone that had let them down, or snubbed them in some regard. Someone who in principle would never get a cut of them or their art. It’s a tale as old as time, and I wanted to write about it.”