‘Getting Better’ is a slick marriage of indie and dance from MAX RAD

The track is from the artist's upcoming new EP of the same name. 

The track is from the artist’s upcoming new EP of the same name.

Self-produced Bristol based artist MAX RAD has been on our radar since the release of his debut single ‘Carousel’ back in 2018, and since then the artist’s sound has continued to develop and expand while maintaining the unique sense of personality and charm that has earned him so many admirers and plaudits.

The latest release from the artist is his new single ‘Getting Better’, a fusion of his immersive lyrics, soulful vocals and a warm electronic soundscape that is packed full of life and fun sonic quirks. The range of influences on display are something that have always made MAX RAD’s sound feel his own, and his distinctive production has always provided him with an edge that stands out from the crowd, boasting a sound that feels authentic and vulnerable in spite of its polished feel. The track serves as part of his new EP of the same name, a release that feels almost like a bridge between indie and dance in a way that feels seamless and engrossing, continuing to single the artist out as a special talent.

Speaking about the EP, MAX RAD shares, “This self-produced EP feels like a culmination of the work explored in ‘Joy Wonder.’ Inspired by a new city – Bristol, new collaborators, and real-life experiences, these tracks were born. I wanted to create big sounds that bring people together, help them figure out their lives, and ultimately make them feel happier.”