Belot is at her most eccentric and inescapably fun on new single ‘Driving To LA’

The track is from the artist's lauded new EP Harmless Fun.

The track is from the artist’s lauded new EP Harmless Fun.

The cutting edge and unique sound of Belot is well established at this point, her eclectic brand of energetic, awkward pop is packed full of vibrant colours and an inescapable sense of fun and adventure, and invariably makes for a captivating listening experience.

The latest of which is her new release ‘Driving To LA’, a restless and emphatic track that fizzes with bursts of energy and engaging melodies throughout. The track is Belot and her quirky, uncompromising self turned up all the way, with her distinctive, unmistakable charisma and zany charm on full display. ‘Driving To LA’, and on a wider scale, her new EP Harmless Fun showcase Belot at the peak of her powers, making wonderfully weird, endlessly catchy pop with no ceiling in sight for how high she can go.