Catchy new Belot single ‘Harmless Fun’ proves to be exactly that

The emerging UK artist continues to grow and expand upon her lush alt-pop sound

Just seconds into new Belot release ‘Harmless Fun’, the artist’s rich and effortlessly engaging alt-pop sound is startlingly clear to see.

The 22-year-old’s latest release is stacked full of fun guitar hooks and its memorable, bouncy production ensure that the track is coated in the glossy sheen that its writing deserves. There is a real aura around Belot and her sound, and as new releases come and go, her effortless coolness and the developing nature of her sound and herself as an artist sees her growing into something really exciting and special.

Speaking about the new release, she said, “Harmless fun came about during the first lockdown in the UK. I found myself binge watching Modern Family, and it led me to this idea. The concept was essentially: What if the Dad character Phil Dunphy turned up to a conference thinking it was going to be a very legitimate and educational work conference and then all of a sudden he sees a whole bunch of businessmen absolutely hammered. He swiftly realises this is an adult version of spring break. The song is about giving in to the lighter side of life, and not being afraid to let your hair down. After all that’s what life is about, having fun!”